St. Francis Foundation needs your help to continue our mission and provide the many programs and services we have been supporting since the hospital’s closure.

In order to continue providing this assistance to God’s most needy in our community, we ask for your continued support. Please help us keep the “Spirit of St. Francis” alive in our community forever with a gift to the St. Francis Foundation today.

If you would like more information, please call us at the office (805) 563-4702. We are always eager to tell you more about our mission and how you can become a contributing member of our St. Francis Family.

May we offer our humble thanks and great appreciation for the wonderful generosity of all of you who gave to the hospital in the past, as well as those of you who continue to support the Foundation today. You have made it possible for us to assist many people in need over the years.

With cherished memories of the past, and a vision to the future, we look forward to the opportunity to continue helping those in our community who require our assistance, and invite you to join us in our mission.


Hand Made Miniature Dollhouse and Shadow Boxes
Current Bid: $500

Creativity for a Cause

Parish Nursing Manager Jan Ingram and her husband, Henry Garrett , built and decorated a mixed housing doll house, and some shadow boxes to bring awareness to, and raise funds for the St Francis Foundation. The Foundation is not only the major support for the Cottage Health Parish Nursing Community Outreach program that helps those most in need in our community, but also supports so many other local service agencies and nursing scholarships.

Creativity for a cause is a fun way to donate and support the St. Francis Foundation that even after the hospital closed in 2003, brings so much good to our community. To make a bid on either of the Shadow boxes or the Doll house, you can send a bid to or call the Foundation office at (805) 563-7402. There currently is a bid of $500 on the doll house.

Exterior view of dollhouse, with dog sitting by front door and a smaller pooch by doghouse to the right

Photo of a dollhouse interior with a livingroom upstairs and a hobbyroom/basement downstairs

Photo of shadowbox depicting a wooden door with windows with a banner that reads "Ring this bell here Fairies will dwell near", and to the right is a fox and a fairy sitting outdoors

Photo of a shadowbox, depicting various places in a house (clockwise from top left: bathroom, top right: bedroom with various furniture, bottom right: large living room with various furniture, bottom left: luxury bedroom with an ocean view